Sunday, January 24, 2010


We are no longer able to play February 11th... so we are playing this instead... it is not to be missed.
Our tour had some changes... this is the most recent info...

3/19/10 CHICAGO w/guinea kid, Intifada, Manipulation +1 TBA
3/20/10 Pittsburgh w/Slices
3/21/10 NEW YORK CITY w/Confines, Vaccine, SQRM, Nomos
3/22/10 OFF
3/23/10 Western Mass w/Vaccine
3/24/10 Boston w/TBA
3/25/10 New Brunswick NJ w/Nomos, Vaccine
3/26/10 Philly w/Vile Gash, Brain Killer
3/27/10 Baltimore @ Celebrated Summer w/TBA
3/28/09 Dayton OH w/Damages

Friday, January 1, 2010

We have a show planned for February 11th with St. Dad, the details aren't hammered out yet but you can check them out here :
Also playing is the Catburglars and The Shreds, I am assuming they are also from Florida.

We were featured in the Chicago Tribune today, steal a copy from your local newspaper outlet.

We have a tour planned for March.
3/19/10 CHICAGO
20 Pittsburgh

21 New York

22 Day off

23 Western Mass

24 Boston

25 New Jersey

26 Washington DC

27 Dayton, Ohio

28 Indianapolis

come let us waste your time, details coming soon, our LP on Youth Attack should be available from us on our tour.